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  2nd Monthly Print Competition 2019/20  
Judge Tony Thomas EFIAP  
Novice Colour    
Ruth Seadon Colour Wheel First
Judith Davison Leeds Shopping Centre 2 Second
Ele Rea Come In Number 7 Third
Judith Davison Leeds Shopping Centre Highly Commended
Anne Galbraith-Jellie Sunset Holding A Threat Highly Commended
Ruth Seadon Colour-splash Highly Commended
Sean Bullock St Marys Commended
Daphne Day The Empty Boat Commended
Pauline Grainger Gently Weeping Commended
Liz Perrins Wisteria Commended
Open Colour    
Jenny Webster AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3* Red Kite Portrait First
Michael Barnett Use The Illusion Second
John Davidson CPAGB Old Man Third
Nick Veale Ashness Pier Highly Commended
Nick Veale Thames Barrier Highly Commended
Jenny Webster AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3* Keeping The Ball In Sight Highly Commended
Jenny Webster AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3* Patriotic Highly Commended
Jan Godwin Former Mine Office, Coniston Highly Commended
John Davidson CPAGB Washday Commended
Julie Hall CPAGB View To Ashness Bridge Commended
Geoff Hanson Dancer In Purple Commended
David Jellie Caught In The Headlights Commended
Joe Kollar Homeless Commended
Michael McIlvaney A Step Up Commended
Len Pugh DPAGB A Port In A Storm Commended
Paul Smith My Bedroom Commended
Jan Godwin Marloes Beach Rock Formations Commended
Novice Mono    
Liz Perrins Adoration First
Daphne Day Looking Up Through The Tower Second
Judith Davison Grand Central Roof Third
Ele Rea Graffiti Girl Highly Commended
Sean Bullock Jessica Commended
Les Coombes Arch Recession Commended
Judith Davison Lone Tree In Fog Commended
Anne Galbraith-Jellie Classic Morris 8 Commended
Charlotte Mathews Lost Love Commended
Ruth Seadon A Sheltered Path Commended
Open Mono    
Michael McIlvaney Last Sailing First
Jenny Webster AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3* A Snug Fit Second
Nick Veale The Hive Third
Mike Childs Storm Brewing Over Loch Tay Highly Commended
Julie Hall CPAGB The Lone Tree Highly Commended
Michael McIlvaney Dream Highly Commended
Michael Barnett Whoops Commended
Michael Barnett Buttermere View Commended
John Davidson CPAGB Sleepy Commended
Julie Hall CPAGB Rainy Day Parade Commended
Jan Harris CPAGB The Old Tea Picker Commended
Jez Shimell That Reminds Me. Commended
Jez Shimell David, I Cant See A Thing Commended
Jenny Webster AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3* Looking Into The Light Commended
Jan Godwin Roped In Commended
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