What is a Panel/Triptych?

A Panel is basically a set of pictures which have a link of some form.  The 3 prints in a print panel could tell a story or sequence or they may be a set of 3 pictures which visually have a linking theme.  They will be displayed together and judged as a complete set of 3 prints.  The set of 3 prints should ideally have a visual flow through left to right and have a visual balance to the set of 3.

The PDI Panel is slightly different.  As the rule states it should comprise 3 or more pictures in a single image file.  Again there should be a linking theme but this is more of photo collage or collection of linked images displayed in a single file. Rule 2 talks about a collage. It may be better to interpret this term in rule 2 as Montage rather than Collage.  A Montage is an amalgamation of different images into one, as Peter Gennard displayed with inserting one image into another.  A collage is a collection of separate images in one file with a linking theme.

Either of these panel submissions could be abstract, pictorial or nature.  They can also be colour or monochrome.

Panels Competition Rules

There will be two sections:

  • Print Panels
  • Digitally Projected Panels
  1. Entrants should note that there will be no separate Nature section(s) but Nature panels may be submitted in either of the two sections.
  2. Entrants should also note that a collage of a number of different photographs amalgamated into, essentially, one different photograph will not constitute a panel, however, the appropriate number of such photographs will be considered to be a panel.
  3. A Print Panel will comprise three prints with a single, collective title. Each print will indicate its orientation and position within the panel. No print’s dimensions shall exceed 20” x 16”.
  4. A Digitally Projected Panel will comprise three or more photographs arranged within a file of no more than 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high.
  5. Each entrant may submit up to three panels in each section.
  6. Under no circumstances may an entry have received an award (Commended or above) in any previous Panels competition.
  7. No entry may be the same or similar to another entry from the same entrant in another section of the Panels competition.
  8. Other than as stated above, the rules of Monthly Competitions will apply (e.g. format of projected digital photographs; etc).
  9. The interpretation of these rules will be at the discretion of the Competition Secretary but, in the event of any dispute, the Committee will decide based on such evidence they see fit to obtain.

Some of our members, who do not have photoshop, have some difficulty in resizing images.  One piece of software that has been used in the past, and is free, is Fotosizer.

Lightroom has a built in preset for compiling panels.

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