Wildlife groups you may like to look at.

Most will have a website that will give you an insight to what they are about where to go and daily sightings. You can join the group and take part in their activities. A good start if you are new to nature.

The Worcestershire and Warwickshire Conservation groups have local sites of interest.

The Wetland Water Trust have reserves all over the country, great if your into waders and waterfowl.

The Butterfly and Moth Great Britain site is great as they have charts on the best sites and species at them also do a flight times graph for all the sites. The Butterfly Farm at Stratford upon Avon is great over the Winter when there’s not much about. A season pass is £20, great value.

Westonbirt and Batsford arboretums, any time now for the autumn colour. Local woods for fungi, they like the damp weather to be at their best.

Birds in flight, Gringig Farm, Rayada, Wales. The rapture center at Newent. Gloucestershire for Slimbridge

Red Squirrel, Southport, a National Trust Site, had a decline a few years ago. Great for photography.

Look them up and get out and take some winners.

Dave Riddle 7th October 2016

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