You are going to be taking images outside in an area where it’s pitch black. You will be looking up and if you start walking around you will trip over something. So, please take care.
If you venture away from home on your own, make sure someone knows where you are going and when you are due to return.


The following is a list of accessories which will prove useful if not essential.
Battery white light torch.
Battery red light torch (try Halfords for a rear bicycle lamp). This will help when you need to adjust a camera setting but avoid affecting your night vision too much.
Sturdy tripod.
Camera quick release plate.
Remote camera shutter release.
A folding chair (to sit on whilst waiting for the cloud to pass).
Stopwatch to help keep time with really long exposures.
Notepad and pencil to note down settings when experimenting.


Do your research before you go outside so that you know what part of the sky you will be wanting to explore.
Set up as much equipment as you can in daylight.
Nearer the time you are going to make a start, take your camera and lens outside so that they can acclimatize to the temperature. Condensation can be a problem.

Rebekah Nash – Jan 2017

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