1st PDI Competition 2013-14

2013-2014 1st Pdi Results
Held on 8 October 2013

Title Author  
Gin House Moll Mal Ogden First
Toxic Death Andy Kent Second
Open Wide Colin Close Third
Summer Wishes Adrian Hedges Highly Commended
Steeping Dawn Mal Ogden  
splitting headache Leo Smith Commended
The close up Michael Troth  
String of Pearls First Colin Close First
Herring Fleet Mill Mal Ogden Second
Freedom Roger Tyler Third
Snowdonia Lake Ian Kent Highly Commended
Siesta Time Barry Green  
Seaburn Sands Roger Tyler Commended
Sentinels Sentinels  
Primula veris Mal Ogden First
Blue and Emerald Damsel with Ant Michael Troth Second
Eagle Owl Mal Ogden Third
Magpie Moth Barry Green Highly Commended
Grey Squirrel Leo Smith  
Osprey#1 Teresa Cullen Commended
Common Tern Michael Troth  
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