3rd PDI Competition

3rd PDI Competition

1st March 2014


Title Author Award
Physallis Colin Close First
Boxer by His Name Mal Ogden Second
Smiley Colin Close Third
Prisoin Window Mark Heath Highly Commended
The Doctor’s House Mike Troth
Grand Mosque Reflections Mal Ogden Commended
Dawn Dreams Ken Godfrey
Talacre Sunset Andy Kent


Title Author Award
End of the Day Colin Close First
Ole Rocker Mal Ogden Second
Rubber to Burn Roger Tyler Third
Trimpley Church Andy Kent Highly Commended
Shadow Boxing Mal Ogden Commended
The Biker Colin Close


Title Author Award
Wren Troglodytes Troglodytes Dave Riddle First
Atlantic Grey Seal with Pup Barry Green Second
Red Squirrel Barry Green Third
Eagle Owl Mal Ogden Highly Commended
Goldfinch Andy Kent
Barn Owl Barry Green Commended
Cabbage White Caterpillar Julie Hall
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