4th Print Competition

4th Print Competition

25th March 2014


Author Title Award
Colin Close Rambo 1st
Fred Thompson Sally 2nd
Andy Kent Bring The Fire 3rd
Janice Goodwin Saltburn Pier Highly Commended
Andy Kent Welsh Showers Commended


Author Title Award
Colin Close Angry Man 1st
Colin Close Woodsman 2nd
Andy Kent Welsh Landscape 3rd
Janice Goodwin Spurn Lighthouse Commended


Author Title Award
Janice Godwin Woodmouse in Snow No 2 1st
Teresa Cullen Osprey Fishing 2nd
Janice Godwin Juvenile Goldfinch 3rd
Teresa Cullen Red Deer Stag Highly Commended
Dave Riddle Female Mallard Stretch Commended
Barry Green Red Squirrel
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