Annual Open Competition 2014

Annual Open 2014 Judge Graham Hodgkiss
May 6th 2014
Award Title Author
1st Fleetwood Hulk Ian Kent
2nd Hooded Man Colin Close
3rd Hard to breathe Andy Kent
Highly Commended Renault Cleo, Goodwood rally Andy Kent
Commended Escape Colin Close
Award Title Author
1st Into the iris Ian Kent
2nd Too many me’s Ian Kent
3rd Bring the fire Andy Kent
Award Title Author
1st WRC Rally Andy Kent 1
2nd Beggar Woman Roger Tyler
3rd The Girl on the Escalator Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Toxic Death Andy Kent
Commended Waiting Colin Close
Commended Kayleigh Barry Green
Award Title Author
1st Kingfisher Feeding Female Barry Green
2nd Blackbird Nesting Andy Kent
3rd Wood Mouse in Snow Janice Godwin
Highly Commended Toxic Lime Hawk Moth Caterpillar Andy Kent
Commended Juvenile Robin Janice Godwin
Commended Grey Herons Mating Joe Kollar
Award Title Author
1st A Helping Hand Mike Troth
2nd Boxer by his name Mal Ogden
3rd Girl Power Barry Green
Highly Commended Physalis Colin Close
Commended Chesterton Mill Mark Heath
Commended Admiring the Hog Mike Troth
Commended Cool Towers Andy Kent
Commended Emerging Beauty Colin Close
Commended Allium Julie Hall
Award Title Author
1st Ole Rocker Mal Ogden
2nd String of Pearls Colin Close
3rd Leah 4 Barry Green
Highly Commended Street Music Mark Heath
Highly Commended A Breath of Wind Roger Tyler
Commended Escort Rally Ian Kent
Commended Take That Mal Ogden
Commended End of the Day Colin Close
Award Title Author
1st Blue and Emerald Damsel with Ant Mike Troth
2nd Primula veris Mal Ogden
3rd Little Owl Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Rhagonycha fulva Mike Troth
Highly Commended Newly Hatched Cabbage White Catapillars Andy Kent
Commended Goldfinch Andy Kent
Commended Common Tern Mike Troth
Commended Hoverfly on Crocus Roger Tyler
Award Title Author
1st Mary Popins Mal Ogden
2nd Tommy Comes Home Mal Ogden
3rd Call of the Wild Mike Troth
Commended Looking for the Knock Out Mike Troth
Commended Deaths Door Andy Kent
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