BPS Practical Group Sunday 19th October 2014

On Sunday 19th October, the BPS Practical Group met for a ‘Portraits in Your Parlour’ session at my house. I wanted to show that decent portraits could be made without elaborate gear and expensive equipment. Old sheets, umbrellas and sheets of cardboard were used as backgrounds. Kitchen foil stuck to card and a car windscreen protector made perfectly adequate reflectors. People brought hats and scarves and other props to add character to the motley choice of models!

It was an education watching the more experienced operators and the mix of abilities from novice to ex-pro made for a good exchange of ideas. The spin off is always that we get to know each other better.

From the evidence so far, I think everyone went away with some good images. A selection can be viewed on:


There are no barriers to taking part in the group and everyone is welcome. Please consider making the effort to come to the November meet. We shall have a good time.

Roger Tyler

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