2nd Projected 2014-15 Results Held on 2 December 2014


Title Author Award
Flamenco Twirl Colin Close 1st
Rhianne Hat Label Pete Allen 2nd
Tulip Raindrops Jill Howe 3rd
Vampire Roar Mike Troth Highly Commended
The Front Line Mike Troth
Flat Out Barry Green
Peacock Julie Hall
The Boot Boys Mike Troth
Purton church Robin Truran Commended
Living Fire Roger Tyler


After the Storm Colin Close Colin Close 1st
In front of the Camera John Davidson 2nd
and its goodnight from him Robin Truran 3rd
The Olympian Colin Close Colin Close Highly Commended
Amelia Garden Strobe Portrait Pete Allen
Temple Elder Barry Green
Beyond Repair Barry Green Commended
A Breath of Wind Roger Tyler
Fleetwood Wrecks Mike Troth


Kingfisher with Minnow Barry Green 1st
Honey Fungus (Armillaria mellea) Roger Tyler 2nd
Female Banded Demoiselle Fred Thompson
lone fungi Robin Truran Highly Commended
Shaggy Scalycap Strophariaceae Ken Godfrey
Polygonia Butterfly on White Cherry Blossom Julie Hall
Wild Otter Ken Godfrey
Moorland Pony Mike Troth Commended
Garden Spider with Prey Barry Green
Hoverfly Jan Harris
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