2nd Print Competition December 2014

Title Author Award

Zombie Barry Green 1st
“E” Cigarette Mike Troth 2nd
Gone but not Forgotten John Davidson 3rd
Buttermere Reflections Colin Close Highly Commended
Rickshaw Pilot Roger Tyler
Through Draught John Davidson Commended
Before the Storm Jan Godwin
Hard to Emulate with No Teeth Mike Troth
Former Champ Colin Close 1st
Windswept Roger Tyler 2nd
The Chosen One Roger Tyler 3rd
Over the Boardwalk Roger Tyler Commended
Behind the Music Mike Troth
The Lotus Position Mike Troth
Rugged Roger John Davidson
Snow Bunting – Dozing Jan Godwin 1st
Red Squirrel Barry Green 2nd
Red Deer Stag and Hind Jan Godwin 3rd
Lactarius Vellerus Fred Thompson Highly Commended
Painted Lady John Davidson
Brimstone Barry Green Commended
Paired Burnet Moths on Scabius Fred Thompson
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