1st monthly PDI 2015/16 results

1st Monthly PDI Competition 2015/16.
Novices Colour.
First Life on the Street Richard Pope
Second Two heads are better than one Jenny Webster
Third Sunset Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Grand Central Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Pretty Punky Natalie Clarke
Commended The Final Bend John Dignum
Commended Girl with Parasol Rebekah Nash
Novices Mono.
First Inquisitive Jenny Webster
Second The Moon Rebekah Nash
Third A view from the London Eye Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Peace Jenny Webster
Commended Whiskers Natalie Clarke
Commended Langur Monkey Jenny Webster
Novices Nature
First Emerging Dragon Fly Rebekah Nash
Second Steenbok Jenny Webster
Third Heliconius Melpomene Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Iris Standing Proud Rebekah Nash
Commended Wasp Beetle John Dignum
Open Colour
First The Meeting House Mal Ogden
Second Mischkah Colin Close
Third Natalia Alan Fackrell
Highly Commended Height of Passion Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Domination Mike Troth
Highly Commended Contemplation Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Birmingham Fire Brigade Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Lost Soul Mike Troth
Commended Getting Interested in Poetry Mike Troth
Commended Salford Reflections Roger Lewis
Commended Sunlight on Bracken Terry Mason
Open Mono
First The Power in Grey Mal Ogden
Second Long Walk Back Colin Close
Third Tonya Barry Green
Highly Commended Friends Joined at the Waist Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Big Wheel Julie Hall
Highly Commended Diamonds are forever Adrian Butt
Commended The Anxious Wait Roger Tyler
Commended BMX Racing 27 In Front Alan Fackrell
Commended When I grow up I want to be…. Adrian Butt
Commended Long Eared Owl in the Chicken Coop Barry Green
Open Nature
First Garden Spider Julie Hall
Second Young Fox David Ward
Third Male Hare David Ward
Highly Commended Oystercatcher with chick Richard Chapman
Highly Commended Grey Pelican Roger Tyler
Highly Commended House Fly Terry Mason
Highly Commended Berthelots Pipit catching grass hopper Mike Troth
Commended Grey Langur Alan Fackrell
Commended Scorpion Fly Barry Green
Commended Female Large White Peter Garnett
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