2nd Monthly Print Competition 2015/16

2nd Monthly Print Competition 2015/16.
Novices Colour.
First Catch of the Day Daphne Day
Second Toothless Laugh Rebekah Nash
Third Taking Over Jenny Webster
Commended Over The Edge Jenny Webster
Commended Winter Wonderland Jenny Webster
Novices Mono.
First Family Tree Jenny Webster
Second Shoe Shine Rebekah Nash
Third All 3gether Now Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Hooked Rebekah Nash
Commended The Dancer Jenny Webster
Commended Wrong Side of the Fence Rebekah Nash
Novices Nature
First Nuthatch Rebekah Nash
Second Postman Butterfly preparing to transform Rebekah Nash
Third New & Old Fly Agaric Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Male Cheetal Deer #2 Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Young Fox Cub Jenny Webster
Commended The Jaguar Jenny Webster
Open Colour
First Church Porch at Oddingley Adrian Butt
Second The Meeting House Mal Ogden
Third The Old Monk Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Wandering Minstrel Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Thoughtful Barry Green
Commended Double Miniature Portion Jan Harris
Commended Derwentwater in the Rain Richard Chapman
Commended Approaching The Jump Alan Fackrell
Commended Graceful Peter Garnett
Commended Why Do This? Alan Fackrell
Commended Burnt Out Roger Tyler
Commended Atacama Salt Flats Richard Chapman
Open Mono
First The Traveller Alan Fackrell
Second BMX Race 15 In Front Alan Fackrell
Third Knock knock Adrian Butt
Highly Commended Tonyia #2 Barry Green
Highly Commended Long Eared Owl in the Chicken Coop Barry Green
Highly Commended The Last Drop Mike Troth
Highly Commended Tree on a Hill Roger Tyler
Commended First Fag of the Morning Mike Troth
Commended The Grey at Speed Alan Fackrell
Commended Battle For Middle Earth Mike Troth
Open Nature
First Great Blue Herons Richard Chapman
Second Crested Tit Jan Godwin
Third Blue-Tailed Damselfly Barry Green
Highly Commended White Ringed Atlas Moth Joe Kollar
Highly Commended Azure Magpie Joe Kollar
Commended Indian Darter Wing Drying Alan Fackrell
Commended Garden Spider Julie Hall
Commended Large Blues Paired Barry Green
Commended Greater Spotted Woodpecker with Chick Richard Chapman
Commended Elephant Hawk Moth Roger Tyler
Commended Black Skimmers, White Pelicans Richard Chapman
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