Midland Bank Trophy 2015

Message from the Chairman

Hi All,

If you haven’t already heard, we won the Midland Bank Trophy by quite a margin. Congratulation to the photographers from all three clubs who’s photo’s were used and also congratulations to the Selectors who put the entries together. Please see the post below for a full breakdown of the results.

In addition from last night, a big thanks to all who helped with refreshments, raffle ticket sales (raised £60) the sale table, pinning up prints, contributions to the for sale table, our sound engineer (did you like that little touch at the end), the competition organisers and all for being there and supporting the club. A GREAT EFFORT.

Our charity support to Peter Lopeman’s Borneo project raised a further £40 and pushed him over the minimum £2,000 needed, well done every one and thanks again.

The New Year party list was on the notice board and will be up next week as well.

Now to try and get some publicity and let everyone know what a great club BPS is.

So proud of the Society.

Roger Lewis
25th November 2015


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