2nd Monthly PDI Competition 2015/16.

Novices Colour.
First Furry Detail Rebekah Nash
Second Home on the Range Jenny Webster
Third Alone in the Wilderness Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Contemporary Jaguar Rebekah Nash
Commended Don’t Worry Be Happy Jenny Webster
Commended Through the waterfall Judith Cooney
Novices Mono.
First Winter Wonderland Jenny Webster
Second A long wait Rebekah Nash
Third Simplicity Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Ancient Vandals Rebekah Nash
Commended Nut Bolt N Rivets Jenny Webster
Novices Nature
First Shaggy Pholiota Rebekah Nash
Second European Wolf Jenny Webster
Third Pied Kingfisher Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Puffin with Sand Eels John Dignum
Commended Gray Jay Jenny Webster
Commended Slippery Jack Mushrooms Rebekah Nash
Open Colour
First Fletcher Mal Ogden
Second Overcoming Disability Alan Fackrell
Third Penalty Shot, Uruguay Peter Lopeman
Highly Commended E Type Jill Howe
Highly Commended Sun Rise Mike Troth
Highly Commended Alaskan Bald Eagle Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Radiance Colin Close
Commended Looking Good Colin Close
Commended Foggy London Richard Chapman
Commended Misty Morning on The Malverns Jan Harris
Commended Banksy Selfie Colin Close
Commended Racing For The Line Barry Green
Commended English Heather Jan Harris
Open Mono
First Tidal Remains Colin Close
Second German Troopers Mal Ogden
Third Shadow Dancing Colin Close
Highly Commended Moving Waters Nigel Taylor
Highly Commended Poised Colin Close
Highly Commended Romany #4 Barry Green
Highly Commended Ricky #2 Barry Green
Highly Commended Domination Mike Troth
Commended Looking Out Roger Lewis
Commended Racing Shadows Alan Fackrell
Commended Haunted Lighthouse Don Campbell
Commended Knotty Ash Adrian Butt
Commended Tanyia #2 Barry Green
Open Nature
First Night Heron Roger Tyler
Second Blue-Tailed Damselfly Barry Green
Third Little Egret Richard Chapman
Highly Commended Butterfly #2 John Harris
Highly Commended Stichwort Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Large Blue #8 Barry Green
Highly Commended Muntjacs Male Mounting Alan Fackrell
Highly Commended Bee on Scabious Roger Tyler
Commended Mute Swan Signet Preening Jill Howe
Commended Red Deer Stag and Herd David Ward
Commended Hare David Ward
Commended Fly Agaric Jan Harris
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