3rd Monthly Print Competition 2015/16

Novices Colour.
First New Street Reflections Rebekah Nash
Second Dallas from the 27th floor Jenny Webster
Third Wide Angle Jenny Webster
Novices Mono.
First Truck Stop Jenny Webster
Second Cathedral Heights Rebekah Nash
Third A Tower of Giraffe Jenny Webster
Commended The Street Artist Jenny Webster
Novices Nature
First The Jaguar #2 Jenny Webster
Second White Capped Lapwing Jenny Webster
Third Elephant Hawk Moth Rebekah Nash
Open Colour
First Anonymous Shoppers John Davidson
Second Long Jumper Reaching Out Alan Fackrell
Third No Customers Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Midnight Ride Jan Harris
Highly Commended Bikes and Shadows Alan Fackrell
Commended Haystacks Richard Chapman
Commended Pensive Punk Roger Tyler
Commended 7-Lakes Racer Barry Green
Commended Missing The Shot Richard Chapman
Open Mono
First Moonrise Richard Chapman
Second The Pianist Roger Lewis
Third Out in Front 065 Alan Fackrell
Highly Commended Roof at Moor Street Station Adrian Butt
Highly Commended Nude Study Richard Chapman
Commended Forget The Ice Cream Jan Harris
Commended Bench at Berrington Hall Adrian Butt
Commended Winter Sunshine Roger Tyler
Open Nature
First Wren Jan Godwin
Second Puffin with Sand Eels Barry Green
Third Wood Mouse Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Crested Tit Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Long Eared Owl in the Chicken Coop #2 Barry Green
Commended Greater Spotted Woodpecker – Male Alan Fackrell
Commended Burrowing Owl Joe Kollar
Commended Roe Buck #2 Joe Kollar
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