3rd Monthly PDI Competition 2015/16

3rd Monthly PDI Competition 2015/16.
Novices Colour.
First Model Liz Perrins
Second Shoe Shine Rebekah Nash
Third Dubai Reflection Daphne Day
Highly Commended View from Llanberis Path Natalie Clarke
Highly Commended Tulip after the rain Jenny Webster
Commended Birds eye view Jenny Webster
Commended Tarn Hows Reflections John Dignum
Novices Mono.
First Cathedral Heights Rebekah Nash
Second Rocky River Flow John Dignum
Third Tram Stop Jenny Webster
Commended White of the eye Jenny Webster
Commended Take off #2 Jenny Webster
Novices Nature
First Green bee-eater Jenny Webster
Second African Elephant with young baby Jenny Webster
Third Fly Agaric Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Hellebore Derek May
Commended Rhododendron Flower John Dignum
Open Colour
First Shadow Dancers Colin Close
Second The Ratcatcher’s Boy Roger Tyler
Third Gloucester college Adrian Butt
Highly Commended Rasterman Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Powder my Nose Jill Howe
Highly Commended Tough Going Mike Troth
Commended Misty Morning on the Lake Colin Close
Commended Three Small Fishes Roger Tyler
Commended Flat Out #3 Barry Green
Open Mono
First The Music Maker Colin Close
Second Ice Cold Jan Harris
Third Salford Mono Reflections Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Latin Dancing Roger Lewis
Highly Commended The Young Ones Alan Fackrell
Highly Commended Travelling Minstrel Mal Ogden
Commended Sho Peter Garnett
Commended Elvis impersonator Adrian Butt
Commended Sho John Davidson
Open Nature
First August Thorn Moth Roger Tyler
Second Little Owl David Ward
Third Great Blue Herons nest building Alan Fackrell
Highly Commended Goshawk Mantling a Rabbit David Ward
Highly Commended Green Heron Jan Harris
Commended Juvenile yellow-legged gull Julie Hall
Commended Emerging Southern Hawker Roger Tyler
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