4th Monthly Print Competition 2015/16

4th Monthly Print Competition 2015/16.
Novices Colour.
First Furry Flower Rebekah Nash
Second Snowdrop Rebekah Nash
Third Demma in Red Daphne Day
Highly Commended Natasha The Champ Daphne Day
Novices Mono.
First The Langar Monkey #2 Jenny Webster
Second Cathedral Heights Rebekah Nash
Third Eye 2 Eye Jenny Webster
Highly Commended View from Netherton Church John Dignum
Commended Hanbury Hall Rebekah Nash
Novices Nature
First Pupa Rebekah Nash
Second Beetle in Flight Rebekah Nash
Third Deer Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Rose Spoonbill Jenny Webster
Open Colour
First A Country Vicar Mike Troth
Second Dicky Smith Body Art Roger Lewis
Third Jealous Eyes Jan Harris
Highly Commended Clachan Bridge Jan Godwin
Highly Commended George John Davidson
Highly Commended Racing For England Alan Fackrell
Commended Legs Richard Chapman
Commended 81 Flying Alan Fackrell
Commended Sun Rise at Whitby Mike Troth
Commended Gemma Joe Kollár
Open Mono
First The Fletcher Mike Troth
Second Bikes and Shadows Alan Fackrell
Third Joined at the Waist Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Gibson’s Mill Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Tough Going Mike Troth
Commended Lone Walker Jan Godwin
Commended Swirral Edge Richard Chapman
Commended Out of the Dust Alan Fackrell
Open Nature
First Wood Mouse Eating Apple #1 Jan Godwin
Second Red Bellied Woodpecker Richard Chapman
Third Female Ptarmigan #1 Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Little Green Heron Alan Fackrell
Highly Commended Nuthatch Richard Chapman
Commended Night Heron #2 Roger Tyler
Commended Great Spotted Woodpecker Richard Chapman
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