A few Nepal images from Jan Harris

A small selection of the images that I brought home from Nepal.

In addition, the following link shows images taken by my nieces boyfriend.

Students at the schools sing the National Anthem and say their prayers with great vigour every morning.  One doesn’t look so enthusiastic though!

No 6w

Flying around Everest was just amazing.  I received a very twee certificate for my efforts saying “I may not have climbed Everest, but I touched it with my heart!”

No 5w

This image was taken about an hour away from the top of Poon Hill – a “hill” it certainly wasn’t standing at 3,210 meters!  We weren’t lost I was just asking as I had done a million times that day “How much further?”

No 4w

These were a couple of nursery children trying hard to work out how to do the victory sign which all the children seemed to know to do to please the tourists.

No 3w

Bungamati village was particularly badly damaged by the earthquake of April 2015.  The attitude of the locals is very much get on with life and lets not discuss the earthquake.  Although bricks have been provided by the government to rebuild, little building is taking place.  Old buildings need to be demolished first before the new ones can be erected but there seems to be little decision as to how this will be done.  Meanwhile families are still living in temporary shelters made of corrugated iron.

No 2w

Half a house

No 1w


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