Annual Open and Novices Competition 2016.

Novices Colour Print.
Winner Furry Flower Rebekah Nash
Commended Top of the World Jenny Webster
Commended Skyfall Jenny Webster
Novices Mono Print.
Winner A Tower of Giraffe Jenny Webster
Commended Simplicity Jenny Webster
Novices Nature Print.
Winner The Jaguar Jenny Webster
Commended Capped Mushrooms Rebekah Nash
Commended Pupa Rebekah Nash
Commended Grizzly Bear – Female Jenny Webster
Commended Nuthatch Rebekah Nash
Open Colour Print.
Winner Dicky Smith Roger Lewis
Commended Church Porch at Oddingley Adrian Butt
Commended Wandering Minstrel Mal Ogden
Commended Dejected Mike Troth
Commended Chasing Shadows – Four Riders Alan Fackrell
Commended Taking Aim John Davidson
Commended George John Davidson
Commended Double Portion Jan Harris
Commended Hard Going Mike Troth
Commended Long Jumper Reaching Out Alan Fackrell
Open Mono Print.
Winner The Fletcher Mike Troth
Commended Winter Sun Roger Tyler
Commended Gibson’s Mill Roger Tyler
Commended Saltburn Pier Jan Godwin
Commended Nude Study Richard Chapman
Open Nature Print.
Winner Goldfinch collecting sheep’s wool Jan Godwin
Commended Great Blue Herons Richard Chapman
Commended Elephant Hawk Moth Roger Tyler
Commended Muntjacs Mating #2 Alan Fackrell
Commended Greater Spotted Woodpecker with chick Richard Chapman
Commended Little Cormorant Wing Drying Alan Fackrell
Commended Red Bellied Woodpecker Richard Chapman
Commended Wood Mouse Eating Apple #1 Jan Godwin
Novices Colour PDI
Winner Wild and Free Jenny Webster
Commended The Final Bend John Dignum
Commended Helm Crag after the snow John Dignum
Commended I win the race Rebekah Nash
Commended New Street Reflection Rebekah Nash
Novices Mono PDI
Winner Family Tree Jenny Webster
Commended High in the Sky Jenny Webster
Commended Inquisitive Jenny Webster
Novices Nature PDI
Winner European Wolf Jenny Webster
Commended Emerging Dragon Fly Rebekah Nash
Commended Blue Morph Caterpillar Sheila Billingham
Commended Male Lion Jenny Webster
Commended Wasp Beetle (Clytus Arietis) John Dignum
Open Colour PDI
Winner Couple of Cows Jan Harris
Commended Mis-understood Mike Troth
Commended He’s My Man Peter Garnett
Commended Portrait of Faith Colin Close
Commended The Ratcatcher’s Boy Roger Tyler
Commended Contemplation Mal Ogden
Open Mono PDI
Winner Loneliness Mike Troth
Commended The Defeated Champ Colin Close
Commended German Troopers Mal Ogden
Commended Everest Jan Harris
Open Nature PDI
Winner Tree Frog Roger Tyler
 Commended Grey Langur Alan Fackrell
Commended August Thorn Moth Roger Tyler
Commended Little Owl David Ward
Commended Tawny Owl in Tree David Ward
Commended Fly Agaric Jan Harris
Commended Stichwort Mal Ogden
Commended Pholiota Squarrosa Mike Troth
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