1st Monthly PDI Competition 2016/17.

Novices Colour.
First Dubai Skyscraper Daphne Day
Second All in Chains Sue Davis
Third The End of the Display Pauline Grainger
Highly Commended Boat on Lake James Fountain
Commended Menacing 1 Sue Davis
Novices Mono.
First Stepping stones Pat Billyard
Second Ride to nowhere 1 Sue Davis
Third Man on Street James Fountain
Highly Commended Water Droplet James Fountain
Commended Make a Wish Michelle Chance
Novices Nature
First Little Bee Eater Pat Billyard
Second Bluebell 1 Sue Davis
Third Damsel Flies Mating Sheila Billingham
Highly Commended Preening Mute Swan Rob Evers
Commended Grey Squirrel 1 Sue Davis
Open Colour
First Three Wise Women Jan Harris
Second Autumn Seed Head John Davidson
Third Eagle Owl Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Out of the Mist Colin Close
Highly Commended Cracked Roger Tyler
Commended Life on the Canal Jenny Webster
Commended Balanced Pose Colin Close
Commended Expecting Rain Jenny Webster
Open Mono
First That Stare John Davidson
Second Tranquil Trees Roger Tyler
Third Jojo Barry Green
Highly Commended Lady of the Lake Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Speeding round the corner Richard Chapman
Commended Jo John Davidson
Commended Full Steam Ahead Jenny Webster
Open Nature
First Bee on Elderberries Jan Harris
Second Mountain Hare leveret Richard Chapman
Third Juvenile Robin Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Male Baboon – Papio Anubis Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Jumping Spider Richard Pope
HighlyCommended Damselflies Julie Hall
Commended Cockchafer Roger Tyler
Commended Puffin Landing Dave Ward
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