Latest Nature Group posts from Dave Riddle

Out and about. Look for fungi wet woodland old rotting trees are all starting to appear  also small coral ones yellow red black and white. good hunting.

Can’t identify it? Go to World of Nature on the web. There is a good reference page on it.

Night flying moths can be found flying around outside house lights . The butterfly and moth conservation sites on the web. Pictures galore flying times and ordinance survey sites around the midlands.

Barry informed me that the deer at Bradgate Park are fenced off to photographers. You now have to book up and pay £5 to go in guided by a warden. Not the best way in my mind. Your time will be restricted and at the wardens pleasure. Has anyone any better local site to do deer? Charlecote Park out Stratford way and Eastnore on the Malverns is another but to my recollection they only come down off the hills at night time and are gone at first light.


Out and about this weekend – the Ivy is coming into flower, it is a mecca for wasps bees and hornets and the comma, small tortoishell, red admiral, painted lady and peacock butterflies. Very easy to do but watch you don’t cast a shadow over the subject. Also the shield bugs are showing.

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