Motocross day out

Participants in the Practical Group on Saturday last had an excellent afternoon of photographing noisy, smelly, dirty, fast and exciting motorbikes being thrown around the Junction 6 motocross practice track.  The bright conditions allowed low ISOs, fast shutters and for colours to show up at their best.   I hope those who took part gained plenty from the experience and I saw a good number learning from what others were attempting, particularly in terms of viewpoint and position.  The Practical Group has it’s own Flickr site:

and all who participate are allowed to upload 8 photographs from each PG session.

I hope you will look at the latest batch and that Saturday’s group will feel free to post a selection of their work.

Mr T

Excellent afternoon Roger, enjoyed it immensely, my first time attempting to photograph this genre, needless to say many images not up to scratch, but have a few keepers……..

What’s the procedure for accessing the flickr group?
Mal Ogden

Hi Roger

Brilliant afternoon, thank you for organising.

I can’t believe how many pics I took!

Looking through them quickly I realise I have tried to zoom in too close on many occasions, so have chopped off parts of the riders.  Definitely want to try again!

Have found a genre that I thoroughly enjoyed having a go at, and look forward to trying it again sometime.

See you tomorrow.
Julie J

Hi Roger.

Many thanks for organising Saturday afternoon practical group.

I had a great time, took loads of photos, some will be binned, one or two may be useful.

I enjoyed meeting group members, had a bit of a laugh along the way and picked up a few good tips too.

See you Tuesday evening.

Sue Vernon.


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