Layer Masks – Natalie Clarke presentation

As promised to the early group from Tuesday. I struggled to find just one tutorial so here’s a couple:
This tutorial is about what the adjustment layers actually do and he goes through ALL OF THEM:

This one is about layers and masks in general. He shows you how to mask the best bits of two identical images (one under exposed one over exposed) and he does a little composite in the end using content aware.

Sorry if I went to fast or it was boring on Tuesday. 30 minutes is not very long to explain anything in Photoshop! I also didn’t have the best images to hand so I do apologise. It would have been nice to use a landscape. (so we learn). But it should have given you an idea of what is possible, and with the tutorials here you can stop and start and practice until the cows come home 🙂

Thank you Natalie,
I thought your talk on layers was very relaxed and extremely helpful, And I am extremely grateful for the effort you made to help us try to understand this confusing but equally brilliant photoshop maze.
Thank you very much indeed I’m glad I came to the lesson.

Hi Natalie,
Many thanks for the tutorials that you have sent.
Your demo on how to use layers and masks was intriguing and gave a great insight into its fascinating possibilities, well done and many thanks again,
Eric and Michelle

Dear Nat,
You silly bat! You were not boring at all! You explained it very well with good structure and people were hanging on your every word. You would not be able to teach layer masks in the time you had but you can, and did show us what could be done. It is up to us to “play” now and the links you have sent will be great to help with this. Thank you so much for your willing heart and time.
Big hugs

Superb session


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