2nd Monthly PDI Competition 2016/17.

Novices Colour.    
First Just Gemma Natalie Clark
Second The World Rushes By Pauline Grainger
Third The Face of anger Pat Billyard
Highly Commended Laughing Donkey Rob Evers
Highly Commended Bud Michelle Chance
Commended Seventy Four Mark Bennett
Commended A Splash of Orange Tiffany Guest
Commended Scrambler Sue Vernon
Commended Severn Valley Railway, Visitor Glynn Carr
Novices Mono.    
First Little and large Pat Billyard
Second Afternoon Nap Sue Vernon
Third Jet Lag Tom Webb
Highly Commended Vintage Chevy Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Bag Lady James Fountain
Highly Commended On The Platform James Fountain
Commended Close Quarters Pauline Grainger
Commended In our Times Tom Webb
Commended Magestic Phoebe Catstree
Novices Nature    
First African lions Pat Billyard
Second White Crowned Lapwing Pat Billyard
Third Wild Pony Michelle Chance
Highly Commended Blue Tit with grub Sheila Billingham
Highly Commended Goslings Julie Bridgwater
Commended Squirrel Michelle Chance
Commended Working Bugs Eric Watson
Open Colour    
First Trying to paint a happy face Mike Troth
Second Last Chapter Mal Ogden
Third Kate Mike Troth
Highly Commended The Overseer Julie Hall
Highly Commended Pilgrims Way Jill Howe
Highly Commended Keep Out Adrian Butt
Commended Onstage Performance Terry Mason
Commended Flying Free Len Pugh
Commended Godrevy Sunrise Mal Ogden
Commended Ballerina Colin Close
Commended Long gone Jan Harris
Commended Autumn Ploughing Jill Howe
Commended Determination Julie Hall
Commended Pedal Power Roger Tyler
Open Mono    
First Lonesome tonight Colin Close
Second The Grim Reaper Alan Fackrell
Third Jess – Traveller Barry Green
Highly Commended Chasing Shadows Three Riders Alan Fackrell
Highly Commended Blind beggar checks his takins Mike Troth
Commended Centre of Attention Julie Hall
Commended Ricard Chris Wilkins
Commended The Illusionist Chris Wilkins
Commended Up Up and Away Julie Hall
Commended Fun at school Jan Harris
Open Nature    
First Wood Pecker and the ant Jenny Webster
Second Hornets nest Rebekah Nash
Third Common Grasshopper Barry Green
Highly Commended Goldfinch on Laburnum Julie Hall
Highly Commended Shag Dave Ward
Highly Commended Bee with pollen sac Rebekah Nash
Commended Elephant Roger Tyler
Commended Fly on Leaf Adrian Hedges
Commended Common Tern Barry Green
Commended Rhesus Macaque Monkey Jan Harris
Commended Jaws of Crocodile Alan Fackrell
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