4th Monthly PDI Winners 2016/17

  4th Monthly PDI Competition 2016/17.
Novices Colour.    
First Faye James Fountain
Second High tide Phil Nokes
Third Llanddwyn Island Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Deer at Dusk Pauline Grainger
Highly Commended Heather Liz Perrins
Commended Winter Sunrise Rob Evers
Commended Winter’s Arrived Michelle Chance
Commended The Hat Michelle Chance
Commended A moment of reflection Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Budgie love Phil Nokes
Novices Mono.    
First Waiting James Fountain
Second Pointless James Fountain
Third Lydia Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Norman Barretts budgies Phil Nokes
Highly Commended Reflection Michelle Chance
Highly Commended Seeking Solace Pauline Grainger
Commended Gypsy boy Phil Nokes
Commended Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Pauline Grainger
Commended White lilies Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Stranded Sue Vernon
Novices Nature    
First Bad Hair day Michelle Chance
Second Great Tree Nymph Julie Bridgwater
Third Plain Tiger Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Tiger longwing Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Highly Commended Goosander Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Dragonfly Michelle Chance
Commended Robin in the rain Sheila Billingham
Commended Grey Squirrel eating Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Greylagg Geese Sheila Billingham
Open Colour    
First Gift to the Gods Roger Lewis
Second Horse and Rider Terry Mason
Third Waiting at the Station Roger Tyler
Highly Commended The Light and the Sand Len Pugh
Highly Commended Eagle Owl on Watch Jenny Webster
Highly Commended My Music Don Campbell
Commended In the presence of KINGs Jenny Webster
Commended Traigh Rosamol Foreshore Len Pugh
Commended The Locksmith Mike Troth
Commended Bubbles Julie Hall
Commended The Greeting David Ward
Commended Parad-ice Roger Tyler
Open Mono    
First A View of New York Rebekah Nash
Second The Old Austin Rebekah Nash
Third Intense Mike Troth
Highly Commended Hard Man Colin Close
Highly Commended Balance Colin Close
Highly Commended Promenade Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Bound Roger Lewis
Commended Sun Shelters Mal Ogden
Commended Cutting Edge Roger Tyler
Commended Playmate Barry Green
Commended There may be Trouble Mal Ogden
Open Nature    
First Female Marbled White on Wild Scabia Barry Green
Second Common Blue Butterfly Jan Harris
Third Grasshopper Barry Green
Highly Commended Majestic River Severn Swan Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Leopardess and son Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Black Browed Albatross Bonding Jenny Webster
Commended Sparrowhawk with Kill David Ward
Commended Thrush with worm Rebekah Nash
Commended Sawfly Julie Hall
Commended Grey Seal Pup Jill Howe
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