4th Monthly Print Competition 2016/17

             Set Subject: Macro/Close Up.  
Novices Colour.    
First Forks and Marbles Michelle Chance
Second Spoons Sue Vernon
Third An Apple a Day Sue Vernon
Novices Mono.    
First Taking A Leaf Out Of The Book Daphne Day
Second Coins Sue Vernon
Third Feather Sue Vernon
Novices Nature    
First Owl Butterfly Sue Vernon
Second Snowdrop Sue Vernon
Third Dandelion Sue Vernon
Open Colour    
First Scrambled Egg Roger Tyler
Second Norwegian Spruce Cone Jan Godwin
Third Stamen On Lilly Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Shimmering Wing Julie Hall
Highly Commended Autumn Acorn Julie Hall
Highly Commended Watch David Jellie
Open Mono    
First Open For Business Roger Lewis
Second Bottles in a Window Len Pugh
Third Twin Pipes Roger Tyler
Open Nature    
First 6 Spot Burnet Moths – Paired Barry Green
Second Mantis Roger Tyler
Third Common Grasshopper Barry Green
Highly Commended Hedgehog #1 [Not Captive] Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Froghopper Julie Hall
Highly Commended Muslin Moth Roger Tyler
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