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Hi All,

Congratulations go to all those who achieved success in our first monthly PDI competition, the quality of entries was excellent and it delights me to see the progression of so many. Our judge Barbara Lawton FRPS DPAGB was also superb, offering both positive critique and valuable suggestions (even though she dropped mine at least she did it kindly, now where’s that doll and pins). The number of entries worked out fine (133) just giving enough time for the judging and allowing us to finish just after 10 o’clock. The results are now up on our website.

Last week was also our annual special event, The Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture, featuring the very smooth and charismatic Des Ong and his wonderful wildlife and nature photography. I haven’t spoken to anyone yet who was not blown away with the presentation and in the setting of Bromsgrove School’s Lecture Theatre made it all very special.  Bill’s wife, Margaret, has emailed me thanking the Society on behalf of herself and their two daughters, Susan and Alison for such a wonderful evening including “the images were stunning and certainly brought back plenty of memories of lovely long walks interspersed with interminable “pauses” whilst Bill photographed some unusual toadstool or configuration of lichen!” She also mentioned how nice it was to see so many of their old friends. Thank you Margaret it was a pleasure.

This week is fun week as we put together a practical evening based on indoor photography and hopefully producing some creative imagery. This is an ideal time to make up a table and show off an idea or skill you have picked up and would like to share. Please let me know if you can help. As it stands Dave Riddle is doing the always popular nature table (will probably have some butterflies). There will be a flower table for some flower photography (got a first place last year for one I had taken on our last practical evening). I’ve managed to get some throwing powder so might have a messy table with flash capturing the exploding colours. If the indoor sparklers turn up in time we will also have a pyrotechnic table. Plus a couple of still life tables using painting with light and on the stage we will be getting creative with light patterns. Things to remember, the hall lighting will be subdued and particularly dark on the stage area, it will help your images if you wear dark clothing and not be worried about if they get marked, also black gloves are useful. Apart from your camera a lot of what we will be doing is at very slow shutter speeds so if you have a tripod then this is the time to make use of it.

Congratulation go to David Jellie for winning 1st prize (adult section) in the Bourneheath Community Photography Competition and a thank you to member Richard Pope for judging the competition, let’s hope we get a mention in the local media. Whilst mentioning media with a few exceptions I don’t seem to have seen much on facebook recently so as we are snapping this Tuesday how about putting a few images up from the evening. I will look next Sunday and the best (in my opinion) gets a bottle of bubbly.

Sorry I forgot to put out the Application list for the Foundation Course last week, I will ensure it is out this Tuesday the course which covers all the essential basic stuff will be starting Saturday 7th October 1.00pm to 3.00pm (free to members)

Finally, just a reminder regarding  subs, Tony and Gail will be on reception to help you part with just a bit of money which at approx £1 a week over the season is amazing value.

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