This, That and the Other

Hi All,

Hope you all enjoyed the sort of controlled chaos of Tuesday evening’s practical session. The idea behind the evening is that we provide some blocks (props) and lights and you then build a creative masterpiece. Once completed you put it up on the club facebook page and you never know you could be the winner of the bottle of bubbly, must do it by this Sunday though. My thanks go to Dave Riddle who seemed to be running a very busy nature corner, Adrian Butt with his entertaining if not challenging bottle and water feature (got it in the end), Richard Chapman for bringing in his very impressive macro set-up and a personal thank you to all who helped put everything away.

By the way did you notice we had a couple of very well known and distinguished photographic guests checking us out, apparently we are getting known as a happy club where photography is an enjoyment rather than cut-throat competitiveness. Just keep on helping yourself to the pills as you come through the door!

This week we have Tim Pile ARPS, CPAGB with Nude’s Night, for those who don’t know Tim he is a master of this genre regularly winning national and international competitions and awards.

Artists have been trying to capture the female form for thousands of years which makes it such a difficult subject in which to bring new life to. I do hope all will enjoy this evening but if you are a bit unsure please check out Tim’s web site If you are a junior member please make sure you discuss and get approval from your parent or guardian.

The early session starts at 7pm with young Mr Adrian Butt in the chair hosting the Problem Clinic, hopefully you will have received Adrian’s email outlining the session.

I am pleased to report that our Treasurer June Longmuire is now out of Hospital after a stroke, however as she has just sent a cheque to renew her membership one can only assume she is on the mend. If you are reading this June, I know I speak for all of your friends in wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you shortly.

Just to let you know there are just three places left on the Foundation Course to be held over four consecutive Saturdays commencing next Saturday the 7th, 1 pm – 3 pm at the Bromsgrove Library. The course is free to members but if you know a non-member who would like to attend it is just a £65 fee for the four sessions. If you want to know more details they are on our web site under the “Programme” tab.

And finally, as I writing this on this Sunday afternoon I thought I would check our facebook page and am somewhat surprised to see nobody has taken up my challenge for a decent bottle of bubbly by putting up something from last Tuesday, still it saves me a few quid, although you still have until midnight tonight to make me spend. 

Whist mentioning our facebook page I notice it has been neglected a little by members, please, if you have anything (photographically) you would like to share this is the ideal platform. I noticed one of our members has recently put up (on her own page) a cracking photo of a Kingfisher that she has been after for ages, I’m sure all of us would like to share in the jubilation. Thank you Rebekah for what you do, but we do need more input from others.

Hope to see you Tuesday.


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