This, That and the Other

Hi All,

I hope all enjoyed our first print presentation of the season with Tim Pile and his Nudes Night, something a little different that certainly had quantity, I didn’t realise there were so many prints to pin up, we covered every inch of the display area we have around the hall.  The quality of the print and printing was excellent and showed what can be achieved using natural light and an average camera. Although for me it was the composition of the lighting, background and the input of the model that created the artistic blending for so many beautiful images.

I was pleased to see a comment from a member on our Facebook page. Facebook is not only our platform to share our photography but also views and opinions on photography and the Club.

This week please note there is no early session as we set up the hall for a studio evening. The plan is we have two models (pics attached) and two studio set ups. The girls will do a mid-time dress change and the theme is ‘edgy street fashion’ with a little over the top make-up. We will be using dark and themed backgrounds suitable for both portrait and full length shots.

As in the recent past we will have a rota system (list with the signing-in book) and we will be using continuous lighting that allows two photographers at a time with the model. Once the first two photographers have had their time they move on to the second model with the next set of photographers on the rota taking positions with the first model. Please bear in mind we have very limited time and we all want to get lots of pics so please be ready when it is your turn.

 I NEED HELP PLEASE – we need two marshals, one on each studio doing the timing and making sure the next pair of members are ready (this is a great way to get to know member’s names) and to keep an eye on the model to make sure she is ok and comfortable. You will of course get your turns which I am happy to time or you can time yourselves. Please email me asap (helps with the anxiety).  

Now I don’t wish to be rude but unless you are helping with the studio set-up can you please refrain from coming before 7.45 as too many members in the hall slows things down and makes it difficult to set the room up in time. Thank you.

Whilst on about setting up if anyone can help by being there at about 7 ish, I would be most grateful for the help and even more grateful for help in putting everything away at the end.

Just a reminder that this Tuesday is also handing in for the following week’s Monthly Print Competition and ideally we also need digital images so they can be projected alongside your print but much bigger so all can see, especially those on the back seats. Please send the digital files in the same format as if they were for a PDI competition. This is not a compulsory requirement, it will just mean that only the actual print will be displayed on the easel as in the old way.   

My next job after sending this news letter off is to mount my own entries, I’m already getting nervous, however my theory is if you don’t put them up you will never know and at least you normally get some informed feedback to help in the future so it is win win situation.

Best wishes and hope to see you Tuesday.


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