This, That and the Other

Hi All,

Congratulations to all of last week’s print competition achievers, however I would like to say a special well done to new member Mike Childs for his mono print ‘Tarn Howe’ which got a first placing. A wise sage recently reminded me of the analogy of big fish and small fish relative to the size of a pond, well it’s new talent that helps make our small pond that much bigger.

What made the evening even more enjoyable was the exceptional judging by Hazel Manning who not only gave some excellent informative guidance for improvement but also showed some judges do have a sense of humour. If you want to see some amazing creative imagery just look her up on google (put FRPS after her name so you get the right Hazel) then sit down to be blown away.  That’s two excellent judges in our first two competitions of the season, thank you Nigel.

Coming up this week we have a treat with Peter Clarke FRPS etc with a (and it doesn’t get any better) travel presentation covering Yellowstone, SW America and Iceland. If you don’t believe me just google him, atmospheric brilliance doesn’t even come close. The early group (7.00 pm) on the stage is another ‘not to be missed’ as I try and destroy a few myths on editing software, add a bit of heresy and we get down to one touch, simple and free editing.

Now the following week (31st) is Halloween and conveniently a practical evening. Let’s make the most of this with a Halloween theme around the hall. So far the thinking is a smallish studio for members who will join in with the theme (a bit of make-up, rags, cobwebs the odd spider etc).

As usual I will put my best Halloween scruffs on but please don’t leave me the only one. It’s a fun evening so leave your inhibitions at the door and join in.

In addition to the studio so far we have two tables – I’m setting up one, and David Jelly is doing the other (he has promised  blood, cobwebs, fruit, smoke and possibly bones ,spooky).  However we do need a couple more tables to be set up – volunteers please (you know you want to) – just email me asap. We also need some props, let your mind wonder and please have a look around.

More detail in next week’s news but can you start thinking now.

If you read the group emails you will have noticed a bit of controversy over competition rules, Please, Please, read the rules and if you are not sure over interpretation then ask our Competition Secretary, Nigel Taylor, who has the difficult task of ensuring all entries comply and making it a level playing field for everyone. Personally, I find his ruling well considered and fair.

You may also have noticed a group email from David Ward about an upcoming competition over at Stourbridge on Thursday 9th November. This is very different to normal competitions and can be great fun as the audience and team are encouraged to vocally join in. What David needs are a selection of digital images, not necessarily award winners but good photos that can be interpreted in different ways, please see his email.

We are in the process of starting to work on next season’s programme and I’m asking what would you like to see or do next year, ideas and suggestions please asap, just drop me an email, thank you.

Finally, we now have an instagram account that is linked to our facebook page so you can now up- load your photos to our facebook page via instagram. Thanks go to Zan and Beks who collaborated on making this possible and have many ideas for giving the club greater exposure in this digital world. Here is the link to Instagram page:

Enough for this week and hopefully see you Tuesday.

Roger Lewis.       

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