This, That and the Other

Hi all,

Tuesday evening  gave us another top presentation by Peter Clark, a master of the landscape genre. I cannot recall a more distinguish speaker at the club. His images were not just amazing but we got the back story behind the photos like the 100’s of other photographers behind him just out of the frame. I also admired the refreshing honesty of being upfront and saying in some of the images the sky’s had been added to or replaced and that unwanted objects had been cloned out, although it was done so well you would not know. Strangely this coincided with what we were doing during the early session on the stage looking at editing software that can improve our images to show the photos as we saw/remember them or maybe letting our imagination takeover to be totally creative.

On the subject of software, Nic Software (a suit of programmes) which is a plug in for Photoshop CS, CC, Elements and Lightroom which has been available from Google free of charge, has now been acquired by DxO so how long it will remain free is questionable, however the really good news is that DxO will be developing the programme for the future (see Zan’s post on our facebook page).

This Tuesday coming is our practical evening and I am pleased to say we should have a full evening with plenty of variety. We have Dave and Joe with some nature, perhaps some deadly nightshade and mysteries of the forest floor to add to the witches cauldron. Adrian is working on stroboscopic flash with maybe the odd skeleton flashing around. Dave Jellie has promised blood, cobwebs, fruit, smoke and possibly bones.  Michelle is incorporating flowers in a spooky setting,  I will have a table of horror and then we will have a portrait studio with members as victims, throw in the odd tarantula, scorpion and lizard and we should have some interesting photography and fun. Please bring any scary Halloween bits as props that you may have and join in with the occasion with some misappropriate clothing and grotty make-up which gets you some great photos showing your other  side, friends and grandkids love them and they are super cool for social media. Anyone fancy making some Halloween cakes?

I am sticking my head out again and offering a bottle of bubbly for the best photo (of my choice) from the evening put up on our facebook page before midnight Sunday 5th November.

It was interesting and great to meet up with an ex-member on Tuesday who has moved down to the west country and although she is very happy there she has found the local camera clubs lacking when compared with Bromsgrove which I thought was a bit of a compliment. Just saying!

Finally a reminder that the week after (7th November) is handing in for our next projected image competition for mono and nature sections, better start digging though my files.

Hope to see you this Tuesday, bring your cameras and ideally a tripod.


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