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Hi All,

A massive thank you to Tony Gervis, last week’s guest speaker. Not only did we see some amazing landscapes with almost unbelievable light quality and colour (now we know what we are missing as we hug the blankets and sleep through this most majestic early morning time). However the American theme also covered the action, thrill and spills of the Cowboy, and Girls Rodeo world, However, it was the back stories that held my attention most seeing Tony chest deep in water with gear on make-shift rafts making his way through almost impassable slot canyons to the use of a loving wife going ahead to shoe off the rattlers. The hanging over a sheer cliff with a camera on a pole is still giving me vertigo panic attacks. I could go on but suffice to say brilliant images with an equally entertaining storyline.

The good news is that Tony starts a series of beginner to expert lectures during our early sessions starting this coming Tuesday 7.00 pm to 7.45 pm. Please note those coming for the main evening please do not arrive before 7.50 pm to enable the early session to be uninterrupted.

The bad news is that there are delays to the roofing work at the Arts Centre venue so it looks as we will be adding October 23rd and October 30th to the temporary accommodation at the museum. This in turn is leading to other challenges and I ask for your understanding as we tweek our programme to make things work.

One of the tweeks is that the Fun Knock-Out competition on the 30th is now Print Only. There are no rules as such other than members can only enter a maximum of two prints, the only thing we ask is that they are mounted so as to give everyone a level playing field. If it helps I will be sending off images for print to DSL Colour Labs by midday this coming Friday 19th and they will be back in time for distribution on Tuesday 23rd, I am not offering to pay for them for you  but by doing it this way you get free carriage/postal cost. A typical example is A3 or 12″x 16″ gloss or lustre is £1.15. If you want another size check out The way the knock-out works is that two randomly selected prints are put side by side and the audience who become the judges select which goes through to the next round. I don’t think we have done it before and it is from a member suggestion in last year’s survey. Because we are not using judges with preconceived ideas and constraints we may get some interesting results, you may have experienced producing images everyone likes but doesn’t get far with an established judge, so bring it on!

This week is our first print competition and I am told we have a good entry but not excessively so we should finish on time although our Competition Secretary is on holiday so anything could happen. Our Master of Ceremony is David Ward and the Judge is Jon Baker MFIAP, EFIAP/p.

Couple of quickies:

Thanks to Colin Close for letting us know  of an excellent free 15 minute video from old friend of the club Simon Waldon on getting your camera setting right.  Worth checking out.

Congratulations to member Julie Hall for getting a feature on her Nature Photography in ‘The Life in a Village’ a Bredon and Cotswolds magazine , tomorrow the nationals maybe!

Jan Goodwin reminds us of the dubious practice in this case from the RSPB photography competition whereby entering  you give up all rights to your image and they can do whatever they like including selling it on to third parties with no compensation or credit to the photographer.

I haven’t heard of any national and international results of late and I know there have been some so please let me know and don’t be modest.

Dave Ward lets us know of the MIDPHOT PANELS EXHIBITION is at Smethwick PS, viewing Monday 15th and Thursday 18th, 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

A reminder to send some of your images off to our two models, Lydia and Sweeney of a few weeks ago, I know a few of you have already, thank you. 

And finally  I am thinking of a ‘For Sale or Wanted Sheet’ which can initially be added to this News Letter.  So any items for sale please let me know (with pictures if possible).

Hope to see you all on Tuesday and don’t forget if you want any prints doing I need the digital images (as big as possible) by mid-day this coming Friday, my email is

Best wishes.

Roger L


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