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Vocal Point 8/12/2019

Hi all Well, how do we follow on from our major success in the Midland Bank Trophy this week? We have two more great meetings to look forward to before the Christmas break. This week our early session will be part 4 of the Roger Lewis Foundation Course with Beks and Michelle. This is proving […]

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Vocal Point 9/11/2019

Hi all I’m going to be relatively brief today as I’m flying off tomorrow. This week we had a very entertaining lecture from Vin Scothern. I think the most inspiring things to take away from his talk was – Nearly all his images were taken with a 1 to 2 hour drive from Bromsgrove His

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Vocal Point 3/11/2019

Hi all I’ve had several members say that Damien Demolder’s talk on Tuesday was the best that they have had at the club. I have to agree, he was entertaining, funny and informative. Not only that but we got the chance to lay our hands on some good gear from Lumix. Even though it went

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Vocal Point 28/10/2019

Hi all 1. Just a follow on from the information on our presentation tomorrow with Damien Demolder. You may have received an email from Jan (Programme Secretary), advising you that Damien will be running a Street Photography Workshop on Wednesday. This will take place in Birmingham. It is open to any of our members, regardless

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Vocal Point 27/10/2019

Hi all There will be a lot I want to cover this week but I’ve decided to put it into two messages – hence Part One, Part Two should follow tomorrow. What a great night for the club on Tuesday. Chris Fairweather was one of the most entertaining speakers that we have had – informative,

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Vocal Point 21/10/2019

Hi all I don’t have a lot to say tonight other than to promote our Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture tomorrow evening. This is a very special night in our calendar and deserves our full support. This year our speaker – Chris Fairweather – comes from the world of Photojournalism, covering a wide range of topics

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Vocal Points 13/10/2019

Hi all Well, Bromsgrove Photographic Society goes from strength to strength. What a great night Tuesday turned out to be. Informative, entertaining and amusing. Several of our members communicating their passion for photography to us and I have no doubt we will aim to repeat it in future years. Many thanks to Jenny, Les, Nigel,

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Vocal Points 6/10/2019

Hi all So we have passed the Autumn equinox and summer is definitely a fading memory. Why not set yourself a new challenge for the Autumn and winter. The countryside is about to produce it’s most colourful display of the year. It would seem a waste of all that mist and Autumn fruitfulness. Also, the

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Vocal Point 29/9/2019

Hi all What a great start to the competition season on Tuesday. We had a lot of high quality work in both sections. It was also refreshing to see so many entries from our new members, many of whose entries were held back by the judge. I can see this club going from strength to

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Vocal Point 15/9/2019

Hi all John Chamberlin certainly served us up a treat with wildlife from around the world. High standards indeed. We also had our first practical outing to the Stoke Prior Steam Rally. Lots of steam traction engines of all sizes, plus vintage motorcycles, cars and trucks. There were plenty of people in period costume and

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