Vocal Point 27/10/2019

Hi all

There will be a lot I want to cover this week but I’ve decided to put it into two messages – hence Part One, Part Two should follow tomorrow.

What a great night for the club on Tuesday. Chris Fairweather was one of the most entertaining speakers that we have had – informative, entertaining a witty. His anecdotes in the first half were fascinating. And of course, his images told a story and provoked emotions. On his own admission, he said that they wouldn’t win any photographic competitions (too humble I feel), but that’s not what his work is about.

This Tuesday we are in for another treat. We have Damien Demolder – recognised as one of the best street photographers in the UK. If you get a chance, have a look at some of his work online – quite stunning.

The early session on Tuesday will feature part three of the popular Roger Lewis Foundation Course. Even if you have missed the first 2 parts, it’s not too late to attend and learn a lot more about the basics of photography.

Well that’s all for now, more to come tomorrow.

Best wishes


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