Vocal Point 3/11/2019

Hi all

I’ve had several members say that Damien Demolder’s talk on Tuesday was the best that they have had at the club. I have to agree, he was entertaining, funny and informative. Not only that but we got the chance to lay our hands on some good gear from Lumix. Even though it went on to 10.30 no-one was rushing to get home. What a great night at Bromsgrove PS.

On Wednesday 9 of us met Damien in Birmingham for a day of Street Photography. We also got the chance to use some of the Lumix gear. Over a coffee, Damien discussed with us all what we expected from the day. It was pretty clear at the outset that most of us were outside our comfort zone. By the end of the day, we were taking candid street shots as if we had been doing it for years. Another fabulous day to live in the memory.

Some good news – Jenny Webster has had 5 Honorary Mentions on the Balkan Circuit. Our members go from strength to strength.

This Tuesday we have Vincent Scothern “From the Other Side of the Fence”. I have had a look at some of his work online and I’m blown aware by the quality of the images. It should be another good night.

The early session this week will be taken by myself. I deliberately didn’t set a programme for myself at the start of the year as I wanted to be flexible to what’s happening at the club. This week I will be looking at some photo-editing packages. There will be two free ones – Photopad and Photo Pos. Both are excellent software for photo-editing. I will also look at Affinity Photo – it’s not free but is a very strong package and comparable to Photoshop – without paying a monthly fee. If there is time, I will also advise on converting colour images to mono and how to achieve the impact that judges are looking for.

See you all on Tuesday.

Best wishes


Just a small correction to the early session content tomorrow. Photo Pad is no longer a free programme – even though the version that I have is.

I will focus on Photo POS (free) and Affinity Photo (not free)

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