Vocal Point 9/11/2019

Hi all

I’m going to be relatively brief today as I’m flying off tomorrow.

This week we had a very entertaining lecture from Vin Scothern. I think the most inspiring things to take away from his talk was –

Nearly all his images were taken with a 1 to 2 hour drive from Bromsgrove
His sport and nature photos were taken on a 70-200 lens

It just goes to show that you don’t need expensive equipment and exotic locations to get good images. It all comes down to the natural skill of the photographer.

Richard Chapman will be chairing the meetings for the next 3 weeks. This week we have Tony Gervis for the early session, followed by the 2nd PDI competition. Good luck to all participants.

Finally, I am very pleased to inform you that Len Pugh has had 3 accepted in the New Zealand International Salon. Well done Len.

Best wishes


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