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Hi All,

Has everyone changed their clocks back and enjoyed the extra hour in bed. Cold though, methinks Winter might be on its way.

Interesting session last Tuesday with Christopher Bradbury. He broke the evening up into two parts firstly he showed us his creative imagery which have won him so many prestigious awards and then he spent some time on digital imaging. This of course is a very difficult area to cover as the content depends on the knowledge level of the audience, however I thought there was a bit for everyone even if it was just showing the potential that editing can offer in creating something which improves or creates something unique.

This week we have our first Knock-Out Competition. This is nothing to do with our monthly or annual  competitions and there are no points awarded just a bottle of bubbly and the glory to the winner. There are very few rules, you can supply up to two PRINTS per member (no digital images). They are randomly selected and two prints (from different authors) are placed side by side on easels and the audience then select which one they prefer. The preferred one which is selected by a show of hands (or in this case a show of flags) is then put forward into the next round, and so on until we have an overall winner, simple. Well NO actually, we need ideally 64 prints and so far I only have 22 which is going to make for a very short evening. WE NEED MORE PRINTS PEOPLE, I have been emailed promises of a few more but I still need more. Please email me or phone me if you have two prints, it doesn’t matter whether you are from the Open or Novice section, what the subject is, whether its mono or colour or if its printed on edible rice paper so long as it is a print. Email me on to arrange if I can collect from you or if you can bring them along on the evening. This is planned as a fun night so if we don’t get the numbers all those who do not submit will be required to stand up and tell a very fully joke with the audience booing or applauding appropriately The last sentence is just kidding although there is a certain appeal. Please note there is no early session at 7.00 pm

At the last committee meeting it was decided to hold a small number of cut mount boards to be available for members to purchase. We now have available in 16 x 20″ outer size with cut apertures for prints of 12 x 16″, A3 and 9 x16″ on a soft white board at a cost of £2.50 each.  We also have the smaller size of 12 x 15.25″ for A4 size prints at £2 each. Until we find someone to look after them please see me if you want one. The Idea is to help make it easier for the novice section to start producing prints but is available to all members. Will probably push this again on Tuesday.

As I have to give the final catering figures to Bromsgrove School this week for the following week’s Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture can you please ensure if you haven’t already put your name down on the attendee list then please do so this Tuesday. On this occasion in memory of a man who did a great deal for the club over many years the club spends out for a top, top photography lecture so please make the most of it as its free to members and just £6 to guests and visitors.  Please make this a great event.

We are getting involved in a local Christmas Tree Festival (more details to follow) but to take part we do need a Christmas tree (artificial is fine) 4 to 6 ft would be ideal, have you a spare one, (perhaps you are thinking of replacing your old one this year). Please let me know, thank you.

I was talking to Lydia (our model from our last model evening) and I think she was a bit disappointed to have only received images from myself and two others, (or it could have been she was disappointed at just mine, I never pressed the point) I do know there where more than three of us photographing her so how about a few more images for her and of course don’t forget Sweeney. Emails: : and

That’s it for this week. Hope to see you Tuesday back at our usual home at the Arts Centre, hopefully the refurbished kitchen will be available for hot mid-evening drinks and a reminder to bring a bit of cash as we will be having a mega raffle.

Best Wishes.

Roger L


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