1st Monthly Print Winners 2018/19

  1st Monthly Print Competition 2018/19.
Judge Jon Baker MFIAP EFIAP/p  
Novices Mono.    
First Young Tom Andrew Haden
Second What Lies Ahead Andrew Haden
Third The Slate Mine Andrew Haden
Novices Nature    
First Heron Julie Bridgwater
Second Great Crested Grebe Julie Bridgwater
Third Mute Swan Julie Bridgwater
Open Mono    
First The Power of Two Jenny Webster CPAGB
Second Deserted Café Richard Chapman
Third Feminino Jenny Webster CPAGB
Highly Commended Stop The Press Mark Bennett
Highly Commended Feather With Water Drop Michael McIlvaney
Commended Sea Stones Michael McIlvaney
Commended Pensive Thoughts Roger Lewis CPAGB
Commended Shetland Ponies Jenny Webster CPAGB
Commended Urban Jungle Michael McIlvaney
Commended Those Magnificent Men Mark Bennett
Open Nature    
First Azure Damselfly Richard Chapman
Second Harvest Mouse Michael McIlvaney
Third Wren with Dragonflies Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Giant Otter Jenny Webster CPAGB
Highly Commended On The Forest Floor Michael McIlvaney
Commended Pause with food Mike Barnett
Commended Red Deer Mike Childs
Commended Langdale Pikes, Langdale Mike Childs
Commended Portugese Man O’War Richard Chapman
Commended Great Spotted Woodpecker – Male Julie Hall
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