This, That and the Other 21/1

Hi All,

Many thanks to member Richard Chapman for putting on last Tuesday’s presentation on Macro Photography, an introduction to what is before us but our eyes rarely see, a whole new world to explore. Unlike a lot of presentations that rely on the end product ie. the image to wow us Richard took us from the start showing the challenges and solutions and the myriad of gear available to get us up and running and for as little as a few pounds for extension tubes or an old lens with a reverse ring we are away. Well I for one will be giving the less expensive options a try whilst salivating over that specialist macro lens at £900 but then it’s all about the challenge to give the greatest sense of achievement (or so I keep telling myself!).

This week we have our third PDI monthly competition featuring ‘mono’ and ‘nature’ and it looks as if it will be a good entry with more new members taking part to give us old-un’s a run, that’s progress as new members become the senior members of the future, welcome.

A bit of confusion for this week’s early session (welcome to my world). The early group 7.00 pm on the stage is either Tony Gervise continuing his very popular beginner to competent photographer series or me carrying on from last week’s studio flash to portable flash (speedlights). I will confirm the subject asap.

We still need Committee Members: particularly a Membership Co-ordinator that looks after the interests of individual members and ensures we have a happy club with any disputes quickly and fairly resolved (although I am pleased to say these talents are very rarely needed). Anyone interested please contact me or a Committee Member.

Also Ideas for the summer programme and group events that would be of interest to members, please let me have your ideas as soon as you can.

Finally the last two models from a studio evening haven’t received a massive amount of images so if you have any please let me have them and I will forward them on to either Alex or Jessica (Jessica being the younger model). This can also be a reminder to the studio group who took some images of Jobie more recently on Friday 11th January.

Short one this week, hope to see you Tuesday.

Roger L

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