This, That and the Other 17/3/2019

Hi All,

Lots seem to be going on at the moment, the Photography Show at the NEC started yesterday (Saturday) and goes on till Tuesday giving us a chance to see (and in some cases try) the latest kit and additions to fuel our interest in driving our own personal photographic journey. I am going tomorrow when hopefully it will be a bit less busy so hope to see a few of you there. My favourite part is looking at the many galleries of prints on the walls and salivating over the incredible images and repeating to myself “I could do that”, if only!

This brings us to this Wednesday which is the opening of the Midphot Exhibition at Smethwick PS to see the best of Midland’s photography and proud to say Bromsgrove is well represented. Doors open at 7 pm. Sorry I can’t make the Wednesday and if you are the same it opens again both Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th with doors opening at 10 am until 4 pm.

The NEC features again this coming weekend with the Birmingham Comic Con event a great photo opportunity if you are looking for something different. Which reminds me, I was speaking to Sophie (from our last model evening when she and her partner Nick gave us a taste of the ‘cos-play’ genre) and was somewhat surprised and disappointed to find that they had only received images from three members and that included me. Ok, so yes we paid them but the deal which adds the sweetener is the promise of a good selection of images, so please people if it is only just one image please, please send to:, and then perhaps we can ask them again in the future.

I thought John Hartshorne’s presentation last week was brilliant with, superb images, interesting back stories and technical info of the cameras and lenses used. Well worth checking out his web site:

This newsletter is something I do as a way primarily to keep everyone informed of what’s going on. To add a little interest and spice, I occasionally express an opinion which please note is a personal opinion to which some might disagree. I do welcome any other point of view which helps give clearer thinking for future commentary.

Back to Business. This week we have no planed early session on the stage however, following some recent requests, I will be doing some very basic editing techniques starting at 7 pm sharp for 45 minutes. The main event at 8 pm is the showing of the Midland Counties Photographic Federation Travelling Portfolio. This is both a print and projected image evening although, depending on time constraints, it might be more prints but we will see how it goes. It is also handing in night for next week’s 4th Print Competition with the set subject of ‘Painting with Light’. Having seen a few of the entries I think we can look forward to an eclectic mixture of images that will definitely keep us awake.

Finally, we had a good evening on Thursday at Stourbridge PS with the 5-a-side competition against Droitwich, Kidderminster, Stourbridge and Wall Heath. We certainly can hold our heads high being just narrowly beaten by a small margin and coming third (right in the middle). Thanks to all those who put forward there photo’s and the selectors who had the very difficult job of putting together the entry. “Next year Rodney”

That’s it for this week. Hope to see you Tuesday.
Roger L

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