Vocal Points 22/7/2019

The school holidays are upon us. For many that will mean taking time away for a well-earned break – either in this country or further afield. What an opportunity for stocking up on photos for the winter season. Somehow, car journeys seem to take longer at this time of year – especially if you stop in the middle of nowhere on a Thursday night to take shots of a magnificent evening sky. I believe quite a few of us have a folder on our computer just for skies that could be used as backdrops.

Talking of Thursday, Anne and I went to Smethwick to see the Inter-Federation Print Display. There was some high quality work there and it’s well worth a visit – it runs until 31 July.

As photographers, we all have our niche areas – whether that be Nature, Studio, Landscape, etc – but sometimes we need to push ourselves in different directions just for the stimulation of doing something different. On Saturday Beks, Anne and myself volunteered to cover a charity event. I think that is fair to say that we all felt out of our comfort zone to start with, but what a great night! And the results don’t look bad either.

I hope to see you all at Harvington Hall on Tuesday. A great location for reflection shots and nature work; plus the forecast looks good.

Happy snapping


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