Vocal Points 18/8/2019

First off – did someone leave their umbrella at the stall yesterday? I have it in my car.
What a great day for Bromsgrove Photographic Society in the High Street yesterday. We received lots of public interest and quite a few serious enquiries from prospective new members for our new club year on 3 September. The icing on the cake was the support that we received from Karen May – Leader of Bromsgrove Council. Well done everyone for your support and many laughs on the day!  

We also raised the matter of having the use of an empty shop front to display our members’ work on a semi-permanent basis. This was received very positively by Karen – “your prints would look much better than windolened glass in empty shops”.So watch this space.

On the subject of prints – thanks to everyone who loaned us their work for the day. As you know, we have our open night coming up at Avoncroft on 27 August. We propose to put on a display of our work on the night. If possible, I would like to use these prints on the night. However, if anyone would like their work back beforehand, please let me know and I will ensure it is returned ASAP

Also a request for more prints from our novice workers for the Open Night. We would like our guests on the night to see a range of work from all of our members on the night – not just from our more experienced members. They can be mounted or unmounted and feature any subject. Also, any size will do. I will be at Dine India on Tuesday if anyone would like to bring their work along, or it can even be brought on the night of 27 August.
It’s an exciting time of year – not long to our new season. I look forward to seeing the results of your summer photography.

Best wishes


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