Vocal Point 2/9/2019

Hi all

We have a lot to cover today so I will keep things as brief as I can.

The Open Evening went well – we have seven visitors and I know several of them will definitely join as new members. A good night with a nice relaxed atmosphere – the social occasions are always memorable in Bromsgrove PS.

This week we kick off our winter season with our new members night. There is a lot on offer this week. We will look at the programme for the coming season in addition to an update on how the new PhotoEntry competition software will affect our competitions – most people will already have had a chance to trial the system and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

We will also spend some time explaining how the early sessions will work – we are resurrecting the Foundation Course for photography run by our past chairman a view years ago. This will give our members a chance to go back to the basics of photography and photo editing – but more on that tomorrow.

We will also be entertained by a short presentation on photographing models in the South of France from Jez Shimell. All this, and if we have time there will be a short quiz with fabulous prizes.

In addition, we will have the John Dignum sales table tomorrow. There will be a wide variety of items available. There are a number of Canon EF fit lenses available in addition to Speedlite flashes (dedicated for through the lens with Canon, but can be used in manual with other brands), tripods – including professional studio standard and studio lighting. All these items have been valued at “below Ebay prices”. If you have a Canon body then bring it along and try out the lenses. There will also be numerous small items such as photography books, small reflectors and lens filters. Most of these items will be available at a very low cost as well as free magazines and photo mounts. Much of the money raised will go directly to club funds (this helps keep your annual membership fee so low) with higher value sales going to the family of Roger and Gail Lewis.

You will all have received an email last week about the new refreshments rota. This was always going to be a difficult one to approach head-on. To date, I have had replies from 13 members – all supportive. We do realise that there are several members within the club who may have difficulty participating for various reasons and we will be sympathetic to individual needs. That said, the new rota will go live within the next few days.

To finish with I am pleased to announce the success of a number of our members in external competitions. In addition to the prior announcement last week of Colin Close and Len Pugh having a number of acceptances in the Wyvern International, Jenny Webster had 10 acceptances in a Canadian International competition with two gold awards, one Honorary mention and one Judge’s Award. Good work everyone.

Well, that’s all for now, I’m looking forward to your company in the new season.


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