Vocal Point 03/02/2020

Hi all

Before I get on to other matters, could you please note that I have attached a new copy of the Tea Rota. This rota is new for this season and up until Christmas it seemed to run without a hitch. Since then we have had 3 occasions where members have not been aware that they are on the rota. It is only one night per year when we request that members help out and it has been well received. If (for any reason) you are unable to do your allocated night, then I would be grateful if you could make arrangements with another member who has yet to do their stint and do a swap. Worst-case scenario, have a word with me. Many thanks.

The night with Alex Sharp on equestrian photography well, and seemed to create a buzz in the room when people realised that it may be possible to earn a little bit from their hobby.

This week we have a print critique night. Colin has already sent out all the information required for this and we look forward to your support. Please bring along one to two prints for analysis and critique. There is no early session this week.

Also this week, we have the Six Societies Competition hosted by Studley CC. We have a strong entry of prints from 6 members and we hope to replicate our success in the recent Midphot Competition. Once again, Colin has already sent out all the information that you need to attend. Parking is at a premium I believe, so car sharing is recommended. I will be leaving Bromsgrove about 7-15 and I will have space for 2 to 3 passengers. Please contact me if you would like a lift.

Well that’s it for today, I will see you all tomorrow.


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