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22/05/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all I was sorry to miss the studio night last week. I obviously missed a great night, the “Viking” images that I have seen to date are amazing. Well done Colin and everyone who helped make the night a success. Colin has also sent out some information on forthcoming Viking events which promise to […]

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08/05/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all Our David Keep presentation was intended to be a high point of the season – and he certainly didn’t disappoint. We had some excellent, images, videos and backstories which kept us enthralled for nearly 3 hours. What a great night and massive thanks are due to the hard work from our volunteers who

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01/05/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all It’s our big event coming up this week. We have the excellent David Keep presenting “From Sea Lions to Sharks”. Some of us have had the pleasure of seeing David’s work in the past, and I promise you that you are in for a treat. In addition, David has kindly donated two of

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24/04/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all There aren’t many weeks left in the season now, but we still have some major entertainment to come. The David Keep event is just around the corner on 3rd May. Remember, we would like some of your prints to create a display on the evening. If you haven’t done so already, then –

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17/04/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all We had another excellent night with Terry Livesey last Tuesday – this was a chance to see how a professional photographer works, along with the history of his career. He’s definitely someone who has made the right decisions at the right time, creating several successful businesses along the way – including a BAFTA

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05/04/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all My apologies for the late Vocal Point this week. I’m just recovering from a very enjoyable but tiring weekend in London. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped in the Practical Night last week. Special thanks to Jenny, Ele and Paul for running special tables. As usual, this sort of evening is

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27/03/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all There were some great Street Photography images from Dave Fieldhouse last Tuesday. Having made the transition from Landscape to Street, we were given some good ideas for summer photography that we could put into action this year. Some great hints on the use of high contrast light, including when to choose a monochrome image.

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20/03/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all We had an entertaining evening with Colin Trow-Poole last Tuesday. Some great images with some thought-provoking backstories. His series of Orador images will last long in the memory He also had a wicked sense of humour. It may be 8 years since he last visited Bromsgrove, but I have no doubt that it

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13/03/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all Well done to everyone who participated in the 4th Print Competition last week. As usual, the standard was high, but special mention should be given to the Novice sections where we had a number of images that would have competed highly in the Open section. Our judge Scott Latham had a challenging night

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07/03/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all Well, we certainly had a great studio evening last week – one of the best. Christina was a very professional and personable model who made life easy for the less experienced studio workers – myself included. She was well supported by Jobey and our very own Bernadette, who gave us an excellent opportunity

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