07/03/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all

Well, we certainly had a great studio evening last week – one of the best. Christina was a very professional and personable model who made life easy for the less experienced studio workers – myself included. She was well supported by Jobey and our very own Bernadette, who gave us an excellent opportunity to use the stage for playing with lighting, poses and backgrounds. We should all have got some great shots on the night, so please remember to share them with all our models – Colin has already sent you the details on how to do this.

This week, our main session will be the 4th Print Competition (set subject “Weather” for Colour and Mono sections, plus nature) Our judge will be Scott Latham. Good luck to everyone who has entered. 

I will be running an early session this week, entitled NO TO BLACK AND WHITE. No, I haven’t suddenly got upset by monochrome images. This is about those black and white areas on your images that contain no detail – white skies and blacked-out shadows. They are difficult to avoid, especially when the light is strong, so I will be giving tips on how to reduce their impact – either at the taking stage, but also on how to minimise this during editing.

Both sessions will be available on Zoom – subject to the usual possibility of gremlins.

See you all on Tuesday.

Best wishes


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