01/05/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all

It’s our big event coming up this week. We have the excellent David Keep presenting “From Sea Lions to Sharks”. Some of us have had the pleasure of seeing David’s work in the past, and I promise you that you are in for a treat. In addition, David has kindly donated two of his prints as raffle prizes. PLEASE NOTE OUR MEETING STARTS EARLY THIS WEEK – AT 7-30 PM RATHER THAN THE USUAL 8-00 PM, so get there early to ensure that you get a good seat. Spaces are still available. If you haven’t got your name down for a ticket yet, then please let me know. It’s not too late to bring along a guest – free for members, £8 for guests.

My apologies to everyone who has contributed prints to be displayed on the evening. David Keep has now informed us that he would like to bring 30 of his prints to display on the evening. This means that there will be no space for our work. Instead, we hope to have a video display of our members’ work on the TV

Congratulations to everyone whose work received an award at the Annual Open competition last week. As usual the standard of work was very high, but our judge Louise Hill made an excellent job of picking the winners with a clear and helpful critique of all the work.

Finally, please remember that our very own Tony Gervis is holding a presentation in aid of the Ukrainian Appeal.at Abberly Village Hall on Saturday 14th May. Not only will this be a chance to see and hear Tony’s very entertaining talk, but more importantly, a great opportunity to support a very worthy cause during a very sad time. If you can get there that would be great, if not, why not talk to Tony as to how you can support this appeal.

See you all on Tuesday.

Best wishes


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