27/03/2022 Vocal Point

Hi all

There were some great Street Photography images from Dave Fieldhouse last Tuesday. Having made the transition from Landscape to Street, we were given some good ideas for summer photography that we could put into action this year. Some great hints on the use of high contrast light, including when to choose a monochrome image.

As previously advised, this week there is an alteration to our advertised programme. We have a practical evening, with lots of hands-on activities, so be sure to bring along your camera. We will have 3 main events –

Jenny Webster will be demonstrating textures and backgrounds, and will be bringing along a number of textures for you to photograph, with ideas on how to use them to enhance your images.

Ele Rea will be setting up a still-life table, giving you a chance to arrange items and lighting. You could even choose to merge some of the texture images from Jenny with the still-life images.

Paul Smith will be running a print mounting session with a demonstration and practice at mounting using precut mounts. The mounts have a precut centre of 390 x 260 mm – a ratio of 3:2. If you have a print that fits this specification then you have the opportunity to bring it along and mount it.

There will be a number of other unsupervised activities, but it is also a chance for you to bring along your own props and still-life items. You can also play around with lighting to learn from hands-on activities. 

Finally, as announced on Tuesday, we will be updating our High Street on Wednesday. The prints on display are a great promotion and asset for BPS – however, strong sunlight degrades the images over time. We need some fresh images – if you can spare some prints on a long-term basis then please bring them on Tuesday evening.

See you all on Tuesday

Best wishes


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