Vocal Point 16/03/2020

Hi all 

Another week and the world seems to be just a little bit crazier. We are very mindful that what is happening at the minute has the potential to affect our daily lives – and that includes our society. Currently, we intend to carry on with our meetings as normal, whilst taking sensible precautions. Government policy (rightly or wrongly) – is for individuals to take precautions for their own welfare.  We realise that some of our more elderly members will be very concerned and understand their predicament. If anyone has strong feelings about how our society should act in this situation, then please let me know.

On a lighter note – has anyone been watching Age of the Image on BBC. It contains some wonderful and thought-provoking images from history, but also touches on the power of images to influence and manipulate people. I watched the second episode on catchup last night. Many of you will be familiar with Robert Capa – amongst other things he took some images of D-Day in 1944 – he was actually on the beach whilst the worst of the action was taking place. There are 11 images from that day – it should have been 110, however, a lab technician destroyed the remainder during processing It makes you think. Nowadays a single photographer would have taken thousands, but that just wasn’t possible for Capa.

This week we have the MCPF Portfolio. This is based on 2018 and has been travelling around the clubs in the Midlands ever since. The first half will be prints, followed by PDIs after the break. It should be good, so I hope to see you all then.

Best wishes


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